Frequently Asked Questions

Q: I’m not sure I would be good at this. Will I be able to do it?

A: A wonderful teacher I once had used to talk about “that which transpires behind that which appears”. Perhaps it is easier for a generation raised on cell phones and zoom calls and communication over the internet to understand what is behind subtle energy. Not everything is visible. The information packet that appears as a text message on our cell phone is not visible as it travels from the sender phone to the receiver phone. It is only visible when the apparatus of the phone is triggered by it and translates it into something we see.

There is solid, physical matter. No one has any difficulty perceiving things that are solid because we can touch them and see them. There is also energy, the powerful force that forms another dimension of matter. Energy is less easy to appreciate and yet it is picked up by our physical senses. It is pure energy, for example, photons of light, that stimulates our eyes and causes us to see.

There is also an even more subtle layer of information called subtle energy. And just as solid objects are perceived by touch, and energy is picked up by eyes and ears, subtle energy is perceived by subtle organs within our bodies. When we have an intuition that proves to be true, or we think of someone seconds before they call us on the phone, we are using these organs.

Everyone has them. It is part of being human. The difference is that some people have relied on these subtle organs throughout their lifetime and honed them and developed them as we all develop our muscles through use and attention. As a result these perceptive abilities are readily to hand for those individuals. But they are available to anyone. And throughout this course we will become familiar with them, strengthen them, and learn how to trust their information.

So, yes. You can do well at this and learn to sense energy in this way whatever your background or history. It simply involves engaging in these techniques and strengthening these inherent faculties until they become second nature.

Q: If I go through the sixteen weeks of training will I know enough to do readings on my own?

A: We offer an on-going Apprenticeship Program for those who have completed the six-teen week course and wish to continue their journey with subtle energy. It would be wonderful if many of you went further and eventually became teachers in your own right. That would be my hope, that this knowledge be spread as widely as possible because it provides such a grounding and foundation for self-knowledge and transformation.

Q: Will these techniques help me heal my own wounds and deal with the problems I have in my life?

A: The techniques we teach are precisely about the energetic wounds and energetic memory that keeps us from living freely and naturally as we would like to live. These energetic memories (the Sanskrit language calls them vrittis) cause us to think and act in ways we would prefer not to because they grab our attention with their powerful energy. The purpose of an energy reading and healing is to allow them come out of the shadows into the light of day. There we can see how they got started, and we can de-energize them, and they are gone forever. That does not mean there is not something else behind them that will be revealed and needs attention and healing. This is a journey of self-awareness, not a quick fix.  But, to answer your question, this work is precisely designed to address exactly those core wounds you were asking about.

Q: Will I be able to help those I am close to or is it too hard because of my attachment to them and my love for them?

A: Your question is at the heart of this process. It is not a yes or no answer. We teach techniques that allow us to enter a neutral space from which we can see clearly and affect energy and help heal those we love very effectively. At the same time, there are many things that can draw us out of neutral, and then, as you correctly pointed out, it is not an effective energy healing. What we teach are ways to know when something has pulled us out of neutral and how to get back in. In other words, whether we are seeing what is actually there, or whether we are seeing reality through our “own stuff”. That, in itself, is a healing of our own energy system.

Q: Will an energy healing always work?

A: Before we do a reading we always ask permission from the person we are reading. Every being has complete sovereignty over their energy system. That is a law of the universe. Because of this we can only “see” what the person allows us to see, and heal only what they are ready to have healed. Essentially, what we do is add power and clarity to something they wish to have happen. We are in a position to assist them energetically. But often someone has created something in their lives for reasons we cannot know, and it is important to them to see it through. In that case we can only give them the level of information and healing they are ready for. An energy healing works because we are helping the person do what they wanted to do but didn’t know how. We are adding energy and insight they didn’t have before. Transformation occurs because there is a desire on the person’s part to transform. We are a little bit like midwives. We have a special perspective and have an impact on energy from that place. But the power to change is always, ultimately, within the person themselves.

Q: What Do You Mean When You Say, “Enter the Reading Space?”

A: There are many what we call, “states of consciousness”. Sleep is one, the waking state is another. Hypnosis produces another. Taking LSD or other mind altering drugs lead to “altered states of consciousness”.  Even strong emotions such as anger or fear, put us into a state in which our behaviors are affected. The “reading space” is one of these special states. There are steps we learn to enter it. When we are in it our perceptions have a special quality and certain capacities are heightened. We refer to this sometimes as a light trance although the word trance can be misleading as we are always aware of our daytime reality. We are simply putting our attention elsewhere, on a more subtle reality.


The tools have made such an enormous difference in my life. It has really transformed the way I am with people and changed the way I think about my life and the way I show up in it. Thank you.   …S.C.

What an excitingly uplifting class this was for me…thank you thank you thank you…     …S.S.

Dear ones … I just wanted to thank you again for last night’s incredible experience. I felt so full of awe, respect for your gifts and gratitude. It was such a healing experience. Your insights and guidance were perfectly accurate. The act of facing what felt like heavy issues in the light of community was healing but then to receive such perfect responses and gifts of wisdom completely blew my mind. It was truly a precious jewel of community and spirit. My love and appreciation can not be expressed enough. I hope you will all have this experience for yourselves. Thank you.   ..B.J.B

I keep feeling gifts from this class- the community, new understandings and new awakenings, ‘new’ energies, new openings in my heart and new blessings… This is *wonderful* group to be a part of! I’m feeling more and more into my energetic body and getting more acquainted with that aspect of the Self!  …R.S.

The reading space techniques are a beautiful gift. Thank you.  …A.M

I look forward to Sunday mornings so much. I love our classes. I have learnt so many valuable tools, and I believe that I have progressed in my growth and awareness due to spending time in your presence. Thank you so much! I am looking forward to our continued journey.     …S.N.