Awakening Your Subtle Energy

How to Do Psychic Readings and Healings through a Deeper Understanding of Subtle Energy

Your Teachers:


Alani founded Pathways Institute, where she taught subtle energy awareness and classes in psychic healing and reading in Santa Cruz and San Jose, California for many years. She has a master’s degree in counseling psychology and has done spiritual counseling and psychic readings and healings for over twenty years. She is also the author of a cozy mystery, “Thomas and Cuvie and the Case of the Silicon Wafer”, and is working on the sequel, “Thomas and Cuvie and the Hawaiian Sand Crystal”.

She has also been a tutor, teacher, care-giver, and counselor, and has received teachings from various spiritual traditions including Tibetan Buddhism, Sufism and Non-Dual Meditation. She is currently co-caretaker with Sabina of “The Herd of Light”, a group of “Light-Workers” inhabiting the bodies of five horse beings.


Sabinananda (Sabina) hosts a weekly international gathering via zoom called Animal Assisted Awakening” with her “Herd of Light”, five Horse Beings, and is a founder of the Facebook Group, “Co-Creating a New Earth With Our Animal Partners”, which now has several thousand members. She offers spiritual counseling, energy readings and healings, and leads personal retreats. She also composes and sings original music as well as creating multi-dimensional nature art. You can find links to her music and art on her webpage,

Sabina has studied with teachers from various spiritual traditions including Sufism, Buddhism, Non-dual Meditation, Kriya Yoga, and Reiki.
Her life is dedicated to the journey of Self-Discovery and
is devoted to assisting, holding space for, and supporting others in their
sacred journey of Awakening.

What is Subtle Energy?

We have a phsysical body that is made up of atoms and molecules and a subtle body that is made of energy and frequencies.  Those energies create the matrix within which our physical bodies and our actions come into being. Learning to be sensitive to the nature of energy, to “read”energy, involves awakening certain subtle aspects of our anatomy, the subtle energy channels.  When these channels are awake and effective, we begin to interact with the energy matrix of the whole in an intentional way, both in perceiving information, and also, in moving energy and affecting and aligning energy patterns.

Why Are Energy Readings So Powerful?


Almost always the flow of events occurs from unconscious patterns. Rarely are we attentive to the movement of energy and tuned to ways of changing it. And yet, energy, and thus physical outcome, is very responsive to our intention. In fact, intention is one of the three basic tools we work with. The others are focus, and attention. These three form the basis of energy work and through training can become more effective. They are abilities we all have. But they can be developed and strengthened with an understanding of how they are affected by the awakening and maturing of our subtle energy channels.

Awakening Consciousness Through Subtle Energy Exploration

What we have discovered is that as our abilities to sense subtle energy expand, our ability to lead our lives as awake, aware beings also expands. We are, in our deepest essence, Consciousness Itself, manifesting in a human body, through a human life. In this sense, we are not simply phsysical. We are not separate from one another. We are all Consciousness rising and evolving as one, moving toward greater wisdom and creativity. It is this Consciousness that creates our physical bodies, and our subtle bodies. And this is why we can move inward, through our physical nature, deeper into our subtle bodies, and into subtle awareness, to touch that deeper Consciousness, and to become aware of who we truly are as beings manifesting together.

By exploring our subtle energy, we actually become more able to feel ourselves and sense ourselves as that deeper Consciousness. Our lives are lived from a different place, a place arising from our original intention as we came into form.  Our life becomes more an expression of Awareness and Presence, as we live from the deepest essence of who we truly are.

How Do We Awaken Subtle Energy?

There are a number of ways to explore and influence subtle energy. For example, we might simply sit quietly and send energy from our heart chakra to a specific person, or to the whole world. Tibetan Buddhism offers an important practice, called tonglen, in which we take in negative energy, transform it and send out positive energy. There are also many yogic and meditative techniques which visualize energy moving through our body, or visualize specific outcomes. Athletes, for example, often “see” their body going through successful movements just before critical games or trials.

Shamanic healing is another type of energy work that many are familiar with, and many practice today. There is an important difference between shamanic healing, however, and the type of energy work that we teach. In shamanic healing, one becomes a particular energy body and explores and changes energy from that body. In our type of work, one observes the situation neutrally, from outside, and moves or changes energy from there. This concept of neutrality is vital in our teaching. Both methods are valid. Shamanic healing has a long and successful history. But we cannot mix the two forms. If we do, the result becomes an ineffective dilution that rarely results in high integrity transformation. The distinction is necessary because these pathways were set up long ago in psychic space and we are merely tapping into them, not creating them. We use them, and so must respect their clear boundaries and unique natures.

The tradition we teach originated in India many centuries ago, and offers detailed and specific techniques developed from a store of wisdom and practical experience that spans centuries and continents. These techniques assure we are reading energy from a neutral place and not from a place where our personal views and hopes can influence what we see. They offer a grounded understanding of our subtle anatomy that is specific and provides feedback and insight that allows us to work creatively and clearly and provides us with methods to evaluate accuracy.

What To Expect From This Course?


In this sixteen week course we will explore: Setting up our energy to be more sensitive to the movement of energy patterns; Learning to focus our attention and intention to unblock static energy; Healing energetic wounds and difficult, triggered responses; Connecting with powerful helping energies; Embodying our energetic sovereignty; and much more.

Techniques will be clearly explained and you will have ample time to employ and explore them in class. You will receive ongoing feedback on your progress and information on how to deal with any challenges that arise that is tailored to your personal journey. There will be time during class to ask questions and to discuss your experiences.

Classes will be held on the Zoom online platform.

The private Facebook page is also a place to discuss issues and receive guidance.

In the later phases, when you are doing readings on your own, you will be monitored and guided as you explore the tools you are taught.

Our intention is that you feel fully supported and that you learn at your own pace and in your own way.

By the end of the course, we hope you have become comfortable sensing subtle energies and know how to alter and transform them in a way that enhances your life and increases your joy and ability to express your true intention in this manifestation.

What Is The Cost?

$15/class        $60/month           $240/16 week course paid in full

We offer full or partial scholarships for those in need.

You can make payments through Paypal (which allows you to pay through your bank or with a credit card). You can choose monthly or weekly payments, or to pay in full.

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